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About Us

The Livonia Hockey Association's Mission
  • To make sure that EVERY player in the Livonia Hockey Association (LHA), regardless of ability,  shall be given equal ice time.
  • To provide the best possible experience for all participants by encouraging, developing, advancing and administering the sport of ice hockey.
  • To teach teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline both on and off the ice.

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2023-2024 Season

2024/25 Tier 2 Coaches

Livonia Hockey Association is proud to announce our Travel coaches for the 2024/25 season:

2015 Knights – Kris Medico

2014 Knights Blue - Derek Borowiak/ Chris Lagerstrom (co head coaches)

2014 Knights Black - Craig Lipson

2013 Knights – Brad Sparks

2012 Knights – Joe Coogan

2011 Knights – Brad Larsh

2010 Knights Blue - Steve Cordle

2010 Knights Black – Kris Medico

Midget A (16U) – Scott Lang

10U T2 Girls – Mike Baaso

12U T2 Girls – Joe McGrail

14U T2 Girls – Jon Venegoni

19U T3 Girls– Mike Featherngill

We welcome four (4) new travel teams this year and look forward to all our existing and new skaters to our association who will be part of these new additions.

We welcome Coach Craig Lipson as our 2014 Black head coach. With the large number of 2014’s within our association, we wanted to ensure our skaters who are looking to move up from our recreational travel (house) program had a potential to stay in the association by expanding our offerings for next season.

We welcome Coach Joe Coogan who is our current head coach on our 12u white team. Joe has been with the association over a year now and will also be providing a potential outlet for skaters within our three (3) peewee recreational travel teams to move up. Coach Coogan has brought home one tournament championship and is currently battling to bring home a D4 district win for Livonia!

Bill Sullivan brings over 20 years of coaching experience to Livonia and excels at the older level. Bringing a 18U team back to Livonia and paring it with Bill is extremely exciting!

Andy Paterson brings years of head coaching experience to Livonia and is currently an assistant coach on our 14U T2 team. We wanted to make sure we had a coach that was familiar with the 14U girls moving up that can help them excel.

2022 - 2023 Association of the Year Winner!

Duke Fitzgerald - Wes Danielson Award Winner!

Peewee B Knights - District 4 Champions!!

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The Livonia Hockey Association (LHA), a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, has been a fixture in our community for many years with a mission to promote and develop recreational opportunities for the youth of the City of Livonia and beyond; to promote citizenship and fellowship through the medium of ice hockey; to foster good sportsmanship and cultivate physical welfare through organized competition in the game of ice hockey.  

The LHA provides a positive learning experience for all boys and girls through qualified adult leadership in a safe, healthy, and fun environment.  We provide programs to meet the needs of beginning skaters, as well as programs that offer opportunities to those players who wish to pursue more competitive environments.  

All persons involved with the LHA are volunteers who are dedicated to the principal that winning is secondary to the molding of these future adults who are ready to contribute positively to our community.

 We thank our volunteers, our families, and our players for making Livonia a great place to play the best game on Earth!